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Weird thing. Last post never showed up. Well, that explains a bit. ...posting now in the hopes that it'll trigger something and that old post from november will show up. (And, yeah, I've abandoned this blog at this point. Why are people still here?)

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Wednesday, November 13, 2002


Did someone just link this blog or something? Because in the past couple of weeks, I've been getting a ton of e-mails/IMs about the fantasy commune thing. Some of which seemed to have missed the point entirely.

I'm afraid I sounded too nice when I talked to a lot of you (I'm saying 'you' here because a few of you IM-ed me without leaving e-mail addresses, giving me no way to get into contact with you, but I'm going to assume you read this at least occasionally). I like hearing new ideas, and I like talking them over and thinking about them. That doesn't mean I like all of them, it doesn't mean I'll accept all of them, and it doesn't mean they'll all work. Now, here's where I sound like a bitch.

To clarify.

1. I said in the post below that this was a mix of three things: an artist's commune, a SCA-type village, and a village based off of fantasy worlds. A lot of people seem to have picked up on the first and entirely missed the other two. This is not just an artist's commune for people who like fantasy or happen to write/draw mostly fantasy-related material. If you like having electricity in every room, the place I describe below is not the place for you. We've been considering how much of the modern world we want to allow into this commune, and the general opinion seems to be 'not a whole heck of a lot.'

2. The general opinion that I mentioned above? That's not the people who've just contacted me in the past few weeks online, that's the people I've been working on with this since the beginning. The founding members, if you will. How do you get to be a founding member? Simple. You live with me. Or you're the soul-sib of someone who lives with me. Or you're the crazy SCA-dian/fantasy-loving friend of me or my family or our soul-sibs. That's it. I'm sorry, but random people I've just met over the internet canNOT get as involved in this as we are, no matter how much you'd like to. I love hearing your ideas, I love knowing that there are people who are interested, but you aren't part of the core group.

3. This isn't going to happen for a while yet, so don't go moving out of your apartments yet, folks. The people working on this? We're in college, or younger. We plan to have lives which involve travelling and/or jobs in the city before we settle down. This is a long-term plan, folks, not something that's going to happen soon.

4. This idea is constantly, constantly changing. Don't go commiting to it. That post below? That was me rambling in my blog. If I seriously wanted to start attracting future members, I would have made a website for it and started advertising it, not just babbled about it in an online journal. Hearing that people are interested is great. But I don't expect you to, nor should you, make any serious commitment to it at this point, because at this point you have no idea whether it's going to end up being what I described in the post below, or something entirely different. To give you an idea? At this point, the elves in our group (which is the majority, and I'm one of 'em) are considering just making a Rivendell-based inn in the mountains somewhere, while the SCA-types eventually build a SCA village around us. Or not, maybe it'll just be an inn. Or maybe it'll get very popular and will evolve into something like the group I described below, but the artist's commune thing is becoming less and less a part of it. That's where the plan is at the moment; next month it could be something entirely different, and we could all be living in trees for all I know (I'd like that, actually).

If I have just dashed your hopes and dreams, my apologies. If you are simply looking to live with a random group of artists, as most of you seemed to be, I suggest you look for one of the many already-established artist's communes.

For the people reading this who couldn't care less about my crazy idea--I don't update this thing anymore, haven't you noticed? Livejournal.

Friday, August 23, 2002

Blogging 'cause livejournal seems to be down.

I think I'm more insane than most.

Insane in the 'obsessed' sense, not insane at the 'I bark at strangers I meet on the streets' sense.

A disclaimer first. I have this strange idea. I believe that fantasy novels, movies, etc., are in fact meant to inspire us, not just entertain us. And by 'inspire', I don't mean just to write more stories or draw pictures--although that's lovely, and gets more people inspired, nothing actually happens, except that people are entertained. Which is great. But I believe that there are more important things than entertainment. Based on the paychecks for modern careers, that's not a view held by many, but hey. I've never been one to go with the majority. Here's my wacky idea: when we see things we like in a fantasy novel, rather than saying 'gee, I wish the world was like that,' I say, 'now, how can I make my world like that?' End disclaimer.

My sisters and I are real big on ElfQuest. The wolfriders in particular. You know, we've got that whole tribe mentality thing going to begin with, and the woods and all. And we, being the wacky elf girls we are, figured, hey, wouldn't it be great to get a tribe together and just live like that? All the time?

Now, our original plan was to find a small, unoccupied island and lay claim to it. You know, like that whole Principality of Sealand thing, only not a floating fortress. Something with lots of trees, preferably. Unfortunately, most of the currently unoccupied islands seem to be mostly volcanic rock. Not really a lot of trees there, you know?

Plan B. Purchase some land right here in the USA (being as we're already citizens and all. New Zealand and Ireland were considered). It was also decided that it could be a place for travelers to stop at, free of charge as long as they cleaned up after themselves and told a story or helped out or the like--mostly travelers on their way to ren faires and the like, we're figuring, just 'cause of the way the place was designed.

Somewhere along the way, it kind of... morphed. Through several different stages: an artist's commune, a ren village (as in ren faire, only, you know, constant...), a village based off various fantasy novels (Rivendell, Solace, and K'treva Vale came to mind. In fact, I'm still referring to this place as 'Rivendell', just to have something to call it. It's a good name).

Currently, it seems to be a combo of all the above.

This is my project now--being as I seem to be the one of us who plans things all the time anyway, and I've come up with most of the changes since 'let's find an island.' ...come to think of it, I was the one who came up with the island idea, too.

Anyway. A lot of this is based off of pieces of fantasy novels and the like--but this is NOT some big fandom thing. We'd love to see fans of the various books come join us, but we want this to be a constant, thriving thing in the real world, a way of improving the real world, rather than making escapism into a way of life.

We're figuring to implement this sometime after we graduate college. Not immediately after; we'll want a few years to do our own things. Meanwhile, we're planning. And recruiting, hopefully--we'll need a lot of people to make this work. Anybody want to join up?

At the moment, the basic structure seems to be a combination of an artist's commune and a retreat. There are those who actually live there, full time, and those who are staying there temporarily.

We'll have a dormitory-style building for the visitors--small rooms, main lounge area. You're given a room free of charge, just make sure to clean up after yourself when you leave. We don't have maids here, you know. Clean up any junk if you're only there for a few days; if you're there for a few years and have painted the walls and installed your own furniture, take your furniture with you (unless you want us to lay claim to it, which we will) and re-paint the walls back to their original color, patch up any holes you've made and so on. For those who actually live in Rivendell, full time, we'll have several individual houses, sized to fit various numbers of occupants. We're rather shaky on the actual layout of these houses at the moment. (Personally, I really, really want to try for the whole Mercedes Lackey's Tayledras ekele, Dragonlance's Solace, Tolkien's Lothlorien feel... with houses in trees, rope bridges between and ladders down, a sort of pulley to raise/lower furniture and the like... however, I do not know a great deal about construction, and this would require very large, very sturdy trees. I doubt any one house built in this style would be able to hold more than two people... But this is something I really want to do, so I'm going to look into it). The current plan is, we describe the houses WE want to live in, and so do all the other founding members (not all of whom have been chosen yet. Recruiting! Yay!). Then we figure out how much it'll cost us to build them/have them built (and whether it is in fact physically possible). Make adjustments if necessary, try again. I want to get some people in construction on the commune so we don't have to do outside contracting for everything. So, we build these style houses, and a few that will be empty for any new people to move in. When it becomes necessary to build more houses to contain everyone, we repeat the process--those who are unsatisfied with their current houses describe what they want, etc.

There's housing; now food. We'll have one main lunchroom which will serve meals at regular hours, and a pantry which is open at all hours. I am really, REALLY hoping that we find a chef to be a permanent resident, or at least someone who knows a little about running a kitchen. If we DON'T find a chef--or enough staff to prepare the meals under the chef's direction, for that matter--cooking will be one of the rotating chores performed by everyone (visitor and resident alike, with a few exceptions; I'll get to that later). Serving the meals and cleaning up afterward will definitely be part of the rotating chores. Unlike the lunchroom, the pantry will have no staff; it's available to everyone so you can grab a snack at midnight, or prepare your own meal if you don't like what's being served in the lunchroom that day. We encourage everyone to eat in the lunchroom for main meals as often as possible--this IS supposed to be a community, you know, talking to and knowing and being friendly with your neighbors--but we'll get over it if you decide to eat in your own room, or wherever. ~_^

Chores. These will be on a rotating schedule--everyone will do a bit of everything, but tell us what you're best at; if you're more likely to blow up the kitchen than make toast, you will NOT be spending a lot of time as kitchen staff. Chores include serving meals, cleaning up after meals, cleaning the 'common' buildings/rooms (those that owned by any one person), going into the nearest town to buy and sell for the community, and working in the gardens. Other chores to be added as necessary. Those who have taken on other jobs in the community will be exempt from chores, to greater or lesser degrees--for example, if anyone volunteers to be the full-time cook, or librarian, or a teacher.

On that 'teacher' note--we do want a second generation to grow up in Rivendell, but whether they're homeschooled there or sent into the nearest town for classes is up to the parents. But we DO plan to hold regular classes/workshops, if possible. The nature of this community implies we'll gather a lot of people with unusual skills, and we want those to be shared. Fencing, martial arts, painting techniques, costuming techniques, how to play the harp, how to juggle, fluency in Quenya... anything you can think of. If you think you want to teach a workshop, just volunteer, and we'll see how many people are interested. You won't be required to do as many chores during the time you teach.

I mentioned a librarian, too. Well, there IS a reason I'm still calling this place Rivendell, you know. Like Tolkien's Rivendell, we want the community to be a place of learning as well as art and friendship. Hence the workshops, and hence the library. This will probably start out small, composed mostly of donations from members of the community, but we want to increase it as much as possible. Anyone volunteering to act as librarian will, of course, have their chores decreased accordingly--no chores, if it's full-time. If no one volunteers, then helping out in the library will become one of the rotating chores on the schedule.

We're figuring on having a fairly large section of Rivendell dedicated to gardens (vegetable, herb, and otherwise), this being a main source of income for the community. We'll have a produce stand--currently unsure as to whether this will be based in the nearest town, or in front of the community itself--and sell flowers as well. Anything else the residents create can be sold here as well (like a craft fair).

Anything that the community can't create on its own will have to be bought. We will need a certain amount of money to keep this community running. We're really, really hoping to get donations from visitors, but we're not going to rely on that. So. Permanent residents are generally expected to have some sort of job. We don't care if it's a steady job or not. This is partially intended to be a home for artists. Writers, get your writing published; photographers, open up a gallery. A certain percentage (undetermined at the moment; we are still working out a lot of the details!) of your income will go towards keeping the community running. It's just the same as if you were living alone--a certain percentage of your income would go toward paying the mortgage and buying food. It'll be exactly the same way here. Any permanent resident without any sort of a job will take on more chores accordingly, and generally make themselves useful. A full-time cook or librarian would be in this category--rather like, in exchange for their services they recieve room and board; they're not expected to have another full-time job outside of the community as well. The money for the community will be used to pay for the land we're living on, build new houses when necessary, and pay for any supplies we need. It will be handled by... hmm. Not really a name, yet. Let's call it the tribal elders. At the moment, that means the founding members; basically, the members of the community who've lived there the longest.

It's expected that the 'tribal elders' will act as mediators and make the majority of any major final decisions, if necessary; mostly, the commune will all work together, but the elders have seniority and will settle any disputes that involve the community.

...mmm. I'm getting sleepy; it's taken a while to write this all out.

I'm still considering whether or not we should get our own generator or not; need to check into that. I want our use of electricity to be fairly limited. There might be a rule against keeping computers in private rooms. This is a community, we want to promote community here, that means being around other people. People tend to get sucked into computers, for some reason. I want to discourage electronics as a major form of entertainment. We want to have storytelling and the like; people being around people. So, we'll have computers available in the library, and... a sort of writing center. Still haven't decided whether this will be one large room with many computers in it, or several small (dormitory style again?) rooms with a computer in each room. If it's one main room, it'll have to be quiet so writers don't get distracted--but that doesn't always work. From personal experience, I like to write with music, and I can't wear headphones; I'm deaf in one ear, and headphones have the most irritating habit of switching which side they play on. In the individual-compartment style writing center, we'd let writers do whatever they wanted to get inspired; play music, bring a pillow, put pictures up on the walls, whatever. If necessary, we could even let writers keep whatever stuff they need to get inspired there, in cabinets in the front room. These computers will have internet access, of course, and anyone who wants to use a computer for any reason is welcome to do so in either the writing center or the library, whether or not they're doing writing or research. My feelings on TV are similar to computers; we'll probably have several lounge-type areas where TVs are set up, rather than encouraging people to bring them into their own rooms.

What else, what else... oh, right, I want to create a hot springs, if possible. ^.^ Tayledras-inspired. And I want to hold a mid-winter festival and a mid-summer festival, with songs and stories and games and feasting and dancing--more so than usual, I mean. Because stories and dancing should be the usual. I want us to do a lot of things just for fun, because this is an artist's commune/ren village/fantasy-novel-based retreat type place; what's the point if we're going to be practical all the time? I expect to see people walking around in garb and playing lutes in the garden and speaking Sindarin and painting murals on the walls and wearing faerie wings and pointed ears and doing whatever it is that they want to do, because this is just that sort of place! That's why we're making it! I want fantasy fanatics, starving artists, otherkin, nature enthusiasts, SCA-dians, roleplayers... all the unusual people who've looked at a place like Tolkien's Rivendell or Mercedes Lackey's k'treva Vale and thought, 'man, I want to live THERE!'

Ahem. Back to the practical side of things for one last moment... location. We're thinking Vermont, right now, although I'd rather it be somewhere warmer in winter. Still, Vermont is great; much trees and mountains. If possible, I want to have a few different locations; feel free to suggest one! The primary location, though, must, must, MUST have many, many trees! We want to be a village in the middle of a forest. Because... that just feels right. And being the crazy people we are, we do what just feels right.

Now. To get back to the original point of this.

This community won't exist for a while yet, but we're working on it, and it WILL exist in some shape or form, even if we don't come up with the numbers to make it the way I described. It'll probably start out as whatever crazy fantasy-loving artist-type people we gather during our college years, living together in a big house. The major project I described will take years--decades, more likely, if that--to create. But I WILL do my best to make it real. And it was inspired by people like Wendy and Richard Pini, Mercedes Lackey, J.R.R. Tolkien, Robert Jordan, and all the other fantastic authors and otherwise creative people out there. Because I think, if they went to all the trouble of creating these worlds that we love so much, the least we can do is bring a little of their worlds here, in our world. No one else seems to take things like that so seriously. I think I'm crazier than most.

I like this kind of crazy. Crazy people can change the world. And doesn't everyone want to change the world?
CAGE: Will return eventually. I promise. I've got a few pages done and not scanned yet, and pictures for the gallery, and so on, but life has been WAY too hectic lately. I'll probably go back to semi-regular updates once I've settled in at my dorm (I'm moving in on Saturday. I've got THREE roommates, one from New Jersey, one from Spain, and one from Hong Kong, which makes me the local girl. I am going to FAIL my duties as tour guide. And, you know, my duties as a semi-sociable human being, too...).

Fics: Also suffered the Great Creative Block. Not writer's block. Creative Block. I couldn't do anything. It was awful. But since I last posted here there's been an update to A Moment's Peace and... um... something else... Starfall, I think. I don't remember. Go check Link's over there on the side, in case you haven't noticed yet.

Vids: I've done one about Subaru, Sei-chan and Hokuto (TB and X), called Haunted, to the Poe song by the same name. It may or may not be at Yaoi-con, being as the vid's on the computer at the lakehouse and I'm at my mother's house and I'll be going to the lakehouse tomorrow but... when's the deadline again? And yes. The Angelfire page is down. I'm aware of this. This means, no matter what videos I make, there won't be any updates to the page, except to announce a vid going up on Kazaa. I am currently working on two fun YYH vids and one Escaflowne movie vid. The only problem is, I can't get ONE of the three video editing programs on my new computer to work. And that's the one I'm taking to college with me. So, not likely to be real productive on the video-editing thing for a while.

Pics: I have a gazillion random doodles, and none of them are going up on Elfwood yet. 'Cause I don't want to deal with the old computer, and the lakehouse computer isn't hooked up to the scanner yet, and my image editing software on the new computer sucks anyway (actually, it's very advanced. That's why I hate it).

Thursday, July 18, 2002

Okay, so I haven't posted in a while. There's a reason for this. Number one, I've gotten a livejournal. Woo! Ability to use strange avatars and leave comments! Not that anyone's actually commmenting in mine, and I haven't made an avatar yet, but whatever. Anyway, I'm using that one for my random rambling and quiz-taking, since it's easier to update (you don't have to log into the webpage. Coolness). But I'm keeping this one for updates on the creative front, when my fics or pics or CAGE or music videos get updated.

So why nothing in a month? 'Cause I haven't updated any of these in a month. I'm sorry folks, I'm just in a major creative slump here. I am drawing, and even writing a little, but it's nothing worth putting online, not yet. I think most of my creative energies are being sucked up by my cosplay. ...that's a lie. I'm just in a slump. Actually, I have a theory on why, and I ranted about in in my lj a while ago, so I won't repeat myself.

Hey, if there's any CAGE fan reading this... I know I haven't updated the comic in ages, but if you spot me at Shoujocon or Otakon (I'm the college freshman-aged girl in the Subaru or Souma costume at Shoujocon, or the Touya, Trowa, or Tamahome costume at Otakon, walking around with a group of 3 younger girls), I'll draw you a picture of whichever one of my characters you want, okay? Despite the art slump. *is secure in the knowledge that no one will read this/recognize her anyway.*

Tuesday, June 25, 2002

"I don't have any problems with humans. I have problems with idiots, most of the idiots I know are human because most of the people I know are human. I try not to confuse the two."

Squeal, glomp, huggle, insert-more-happy-sounding-words-here. Someone who GETS it! Yes! ^_^

Well, I'm back, obviously. Back as in I-have-internet-connection. And, amazingly enough, a scanner. Woo! What I don't have on me is my password into Keen, which I keep on forgetting to change to something memorizable. *bashes head into desk*

I'll update CAGE... sometime. Really. I promise.

I've got another fic idea. I don't feel like working on any of the old ones, and haven't for a while, but I've got an idea for an angsty 1x2x1 songfic. Leaving the lyrics out, though, because I think typing them in would just get in the way in this case. Here's my problem, though. I generally write stories all in one sitting, and then immediately send them out to someone who'll read them. This means mailing lists, creative writing classes, something. But I'm not on any GW mls, and is down. So, in typical Kiti fashion, I find myself putting the fic off, even though I have nothing better to do at the moment and I really do want to write. Damnit. Bad Kiti. Bad, bad Kiti. Do something productive, damnit!

I have done absolutely nothing of any real productivity in the past three days. Don't get me wrong, the past few weeks were absolutely full of activity and I needed a break. But this is unusual for me. And I'm not really motivated to go do something (self-motivation not exactly my strongpoint. Inspiration, yes. Inclination to get off my lazy butt and make the ideas into something solid, no). I need deadlines. Damnit.

Something I do have a deadline for, though--Otakon and Shoujocon. Cosplays. Woo. Yep, my little group will be back at Otakon this year, and hitting Shoujocon for the first time. No one remembers us from Otakon, I'm sure, except maybe that wonderful YYH group--hi! *waves* If you're in the New England area you might remember us, though. We're the psychos that actually cosplayed at those last two tiny conventions. What was up with BAAF? >.< We're the group with the little kid who everyone says is cute. She may have bitten you if you said that to her face. Yeah, that group.

Oh, and we always love running into people cosplaying the same series (or even characters) we are. So, if anyone cares, here's the much-revised list of our cosplays for this summer:

RG Veda--No, you haven't heard of it. Don't bother trying to figure it out.
Random Clamp Characters--I'm Subaru! TB version! I love that outfit! =^.^=
YYH--Jin, Touya, and other semi-minor characters from that tournament
FY--THTC, with plushie versions of our characters. ^.^
GW--yes, a million other people will be doing this too. No, we don't care.

...*thinking* Four of the five are crossplays for me... And I wanted to start doing more female outfits... ;_; Ah, well. Subaru's outfit is wicked cool, so it's all okay.

I'm debating throwing together one of Kurai's more normal-looking outfits, too. Seeing as I actually have her hairstyle (hair mostly short, but with one long ponytail). But I probably won't, unless some AS cosplayers e-mail me looking for a Kurai. Which is not likely, seeing as I'm not exactly active in online cosplaying circles. Whatever. Maybe next year. Or something. The next con after these is Yaoi-con, which I am definitely going to--if I can find someone to room with. *crosses fingers* There's actually an anime club around here that I've been trying to get in touch with for ages. I met the girl who runs it, she's a complete yaoi freak, and by all acounts most of the club is, too. *smirk* It seems that I might actually be in town for this week's meeting, maybe I'll see if I can stop by and find some new victi--I mean, friends. ^.^

In other words... I have recently become addicted to *hangs head in shame* You see what free time does to me? Someone demand a fic, damnit!